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CLEARANCE - Stretchy Wild Slime by Scuttlebutt
CLEARANCE - Stretchy Wild Slime by Scuttlebutt
CLEARANCE - Stretchy Wild Slime by Scuttlebutt
CLEARANCE - Stretchy Wild Slime by Scuttlebutt
CLEARANCE - Stretchy Wild Slime by Scuttlebutt

CLEARANCE - Stretchy Wild Slime by Scuttlebutt

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We have quite a few of slimes with packaging which are dented during transit. As the slimes are as good as brand new, you maybe keen to grab them if you are okay with the dented packaging. Please rest assured that the function of the slimes are not compromise.

Do read the comments below on why our slimes are great for your little ones:

"It's not the messy type of slime (I really hate those).
This is more of a putty in my definition."

"The slime is awesome. Nothing like other slimes we tried ❤️ ..."
Thank you @joyc3lyn for the IG post. Greatly appreciate the review! So glad you like the slime! Thank you for the repost @babydustmummy!

Putting our Stretchyyy Slime to the test!! "So fun! Slime Time..." Wonderful Instagram Story shared by @clichezz. Reposted by @babydustmummy. Thank you thank you!

Awesome Instagram Story shared by @evangeline.wong
"Having so much fun with the slime..."

"Thanks for the awesome recco @babydustmummy!".
Thank you @evangeline.wong for the share and specially highlighting the lovely 💕  seashells! Awesome!!

Thank you @petrinatherock for the many wonderful Instagram Stories. Amazing!!
"@babydustmummy... They love it!"

"So happy to hear this..."
"These are really amazing slime, without much mess or smell..."

"... Have some good slimey fun." @babydustmummy responding to @petrinatherock.
Thank you @babydustmummy for the recommendations and reposting the Stories...

"Guess what's beside him during lesson 😂 ..."
"The older one is no better 😂 ..."
"Why must put the slime beside them for lessons..." @babydustmummy sharing her kids keeping the Stretchy Slime as close "companion" for their lessons! So sweet!

Instagram Story shared by @kimber_story, reposted by @babydustmummy.
"Been going on since 7:05PM. It's 8:10PM now.
I had a peaceful time shopping till 8:08pm 😂 ..." Thank you @kimber_story for posting your kids enjoying their playtime with the Stretchy Slime, giving mummy some time out! Greatly appreciate @babydustmummy for sharing this! ❤️  them!

Thank you @wanlinkoh (900+ followers) @tebisha (10,000+ followers)  for the recommendations on instagram! So glad your kids love 💕 the slime!!

"... is slime more messy or play dough. She said play dough"
"... Yanteng (@tebisha) recommended the slime from @konfidencesg"

"... He enjoyed playing with the slime! I thought he will be put off  by the texture."
"... The slime from @konfidencesg is really one of the better quality slime!"
"... Thanks @tebisha for recommending!!"

Thank you mummy @lorrainekyling (2,000+ followers) for the kind shout out on igs!
"... Thank you for the slime!! @konfidencesg"
"... I see wanlin's ig (@wanlinkoh) I also go order"




Keep your little ones entertained for hours! With this Stretchy, Slimy, Thick (like putty) yet Gluey Non-Toxic High Quality Wild Slime by Scuttlebutt, your kids are going to have tons of non-stop fun! NOT MESSY but doughyyee like play doh ("dough" high density type)...

As @babydustmummy shares in her Instagram Story, "It's not the messy type of slime (I really hate those). This is more of a putty in my definition." She even suggest keeping the bottles of slime for goodie bag fillers, random gifts to kids, on travels and long haul flights to keep kids busy, quiet and entertained as the slime are not messy. She has kindly ordered 3 times from us which we are totally grateful 💕 !

Besides getting their little hands all glueeyyy and slimmyyy, the squeezing and stretching actions help stimulate their sensory nerves which can regulate their emotions. Each tub comes with a surprise sea creature! Lots of fun for the family! Great for family bonding time!

Recommended for age 5+

Tips: After playing, keep the slime back to its original container to prevent drying up. Always wash your hands before and after playing with the slime.

The High Quality Stretchy Wild Slime by Scuttlebutt are also available in stores. Message us for locations.